Dear brothers & sisters,

We will have a Joint BSP/SJ Session on Nov 12, 2004.
Name of our program: From the Bible to the World of
Deprivation, Injustice, and Martyrdom

It will start at 7:45pm--same time as regular BSP--in
Don Bosco Hall. Since we will have a packed program 
for the evening, so please be seated by 7:45pm. The 
seating arrangement will be the same as the regular 
BSP but there will not be a table, so we can sit in 
a circle and can sit closer.

If you happen to have the Toronto World Youth Day 
2002 Cross, please bring it along with you because 
it bears some connection to our event.

We look forward to this event which will help us 
connect our Bible study to our daily life and our 
world, and effectively live out our faith.

You are also welcome to invite your family/friends 
to come. See you all next Friday.

Together in Christ,
BSP Committee

The program run-down for the evening is as follows:

7:45-7:55pm Prayer & Introduction

7:55-8:35pm Video (in English)
            & some other background information

8:35-8:40pm Recap (in Cantonese) 
            & WYD Cross connection

8:40-8:55pm Group sharing/reflection (Part 1)

8:55-9:35pm Panel Discussion

9:35-9:55pm Group sharing/reflection (Part 2)

9:55-10:05pm Floor/Feedback/Q&A

10:05-10:15pm Follow-up Actions + Conclusion

10:15-10:20pm Closing Prayer

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